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Only the purest milk gives you purest ghee. At Vibrant Farmer, we use traditional practices to churn fresh milk into delicious ghee after culturing it. And since we want you to taste its natural goodness, we don’t add any vegetable oil or additives. The result is 100% pure, antibiotic-free & hormone-free ghee, made with tender loving care.

We prepare our ghee only in small batches to retain the freshness and quality. It will take about 3 working days to dispatch your Ghee after you place the order.



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    Whole Milk is Used

    At our facility, we use whole milk to make our ghee rather than just using the cream. This ensures all the nutrients are kept intact and our customers get the full benefits from eating our products.

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    Curd to Butter to Ghee

    We Culture the whole milk to make curd and inturn churn it to make butter which is slowly heated to get the tasty, flavorful Ghee. Try our Ghee to know the difference.

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    Ghee - the product

    Since we use full milk, ghee is the product and not a by product.

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    Made in small batches

    In order to keep the freshness and flavor, we make our ghee in small batches. This helps us to keep up our quality we promised and serve you with healthy fresh products. We will take 3 working days to make your Ghee and then will dispatch it.

Golden Cow Ghee (250 mL)

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Le Bruyne Golden ghee is prepared from Cow milk. Whole Milk is used in preparing the Ghee. The Texture and Flavour of this Ghee is beyond comprehension.

Brown Ghee (250 mL)

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Le Bruyne Brown Ghee is made from Buffalo milk. Brown ghee can add richness and amazing taste to your regular food. This is prepared using traditional method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghee is butter, but better. It’s a type of clarified butter that is heated and reduced. During this process, milk solids will both float to the top and sink to the bottom. The milk solids are then filtered out, and what you’re left with is the pure healthy fat, which is lactose free & dairy free, as well as good for digestion and metabolism. It has a wonderful yellow / Brown color and is high in vitamins A, D & E.
Le Bruyne Ghee is always made in small batches, using only Butter, churned from Cultured Whole Milk. We are committed to making ghee of uncompromising quality.
One of the great qualities of ghee is its inherent shelf stability. The two things that will compromise this stability are moisture and sunlight. When you use your ghee, use a clean and dry utensil to obtain your desired serving. Replace the lid as soon as possible. Be careful not to let any moisture get into the jar. (An easy way you can tell if your ghee has gone sour is to smell it. If it does not smell sweet, it has spoiled.). Sunlight will cause ghee to oxidize and lose its nourishing properties. We recommend keeping unopened jars in a cool, dark, temperature stable place. Opened jars can be kept in a cabinet, away from light for up to 6 months, or refrigerated for up to a year.
Ghee is much better for you than butter. It’s similar in health benefits to coconut oil or olive oil, but it’s better for cooking because of its high smoke point. When other oils smoke, they become trans fats!
Yes, we boil our butter at temperatures higher than that of the required one for pasteurization.
The consistency of ghee depends on the ambient temperature in which it is stored. When kept in a cabinet, it will usually remain soft and when it is kept in a refrigerator, it will become hard. In the final stage of production, after being poured into jars, ghee will change from a liquid to a solid. Depending on the ambient temperature of it’s environment, this process may happen quickly or slowly. It is perfectly normal for ghee to be liquid, solid or a combination of consistencies. All of these factors depend on the rate of cooling and the temperature outside the jar.
We pack our Ghee Bottles in the best possible way with a lot of packaging material to avoid any damage to the bottles while shipping. Please refer our shipping policy.
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