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Le Bruyne Farm Fresh Cow Milk is just milk in the way it should be. The company is committed to bring in a Second season of Green & White revolution in our country with advanced technology and innovative ideas that will synch well with our farmers.Most of our cow milk comes from farmers who do dairy as a part along with farming. Vibrant farmer is integrating with such farmers to improve our agriculture.

Now you can enjoy fresh milk like the good old days. This milk comes from hygienic, healthy cows, which graze on natural feed. Here's to your good health and happiness!!. Try it, to know the difference!! We deliver our Farm Fresh Pasteurized Milk to your doorstep every morning.

Since We deliver Farm Fresh Non standardized Milk, our Milk Fat Range varies from 3 to 4 % and SNF from 8% to 9%. This variation is because of the season, Lactation period and the type of feed intake.



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    Whole Milk

    We do not add, modify or delete anything in the Milk. We bring you the way our cows gives us. We only Pasteur the milk.

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    Local Breeds

    Vibrant Farmer is committed to protect our heritage and thus we source only from Local Breeds.

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    No Chemicals and Hormones

    Our Cows are not monitored for their performance and thus they are not under any performance Stress which is why we do not use any hormones to increase the milk productivity.

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    Free Home Delivery

    Oh Yes !! you heard it right. We do Door to door free Home delivery.

Cow Milk Half Litre

Le Bruyne Cow Milk is Served in Chennai Only at the moment

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Every drop of milk comes to you after extensive Quality checks and we only make as much as our cows can produce. We spare no effort to ensure our cows are comfortable and happy, as it guarantees the best quality milk. The result is pure, wholesome milk that reaches your doorstep within hours of milking, perfectly chilled.

Be assured of what you drink. Check our QC report - Click here



Buffalo Milk Half Litre

Launching Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Please pay through the Online Payment Portal. If there are technical difficulties, please connect with us. All payments are collected in advance. The billing cycle is 5th of every month. You can start your subscription on any date of the month.
Only Subscribed users can avail this option. You can request for an extra milk before 10 Am for the next day.
Milk deliveries will begin after 3.30AM.
All paid samples are delivered in the evening. Please book your slot based on availability.
All cows that we milk from are from local breeds. Please check the photos of our cows & farmers.The A1/A2 test report from ICAR National Bureau of Animal Genetic resources - Coming Soon !!

Yes, please manage your account through the website. You can pause for the next day before 10:00AM. Notifying the Delivery person is not allowed.
We are not certified as organic yet; however the practices we follow are nature aligned. Natural fodder and ours cows are not tied. No hormones are injected. If a Cow falls sick, we will give ,medicines (however the Milk will not be used for consumption). No milk adulteration. Please refer the test reports. We will soon start the process to obtain organic certification.
We do not have a Milk factory, where cows come in a line to get milked automatically; we just pasteurize the milk and pack it after the quality checks. The facility is near sriperumbudur.
As a company we are committed to bring in a second wave of white revolution in our country. Some of our initiatives are digitization, opening bank accounts, mentoring on productive mixed farming, training on organic farming and its benefits, helping in getting a loan and so on.